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Based in Glastonbury, Belashka is a limited company owned by Annabel Du Boulay, incorporating her creative and therapeutic work, as well as a retail shop specialising in the sale of Native American Indian & Shamanic arts and crafts. This website will soon be turning into an e-commerce site for the shop, with Annabel’s personal work transferring to her new website under construction Both new websites should be live by the Autumn of 2015.


Annabel Du Boulay Annabel Du BoulayAnnabel Du Boulay is an author, artist, hypnotherapist, coach &  retreat/workshop facilitator with extensive experience of working in private practice and the corporate and mental health sectors; as well as a campaigner on women’s rights, mental health and disability.

Annabel’s historical novel The Serpent’s Tale, set in sixteenth-century Italy, is based on her post-graduate research and seeks to raise awareness of the inherent women’s rights issues, as do the talks she gives. In the novel, she explores the concept of ‘Philosophia‘, a transpersonal philosophy weaving together mythology, Gnosticism and Jungian theory, which she teaches in her Philosophia workshops.

Annabel’s art installation ‘The Healing Womb‘ features four 5’x4′ acrylic paintings on the various woundings associated with childlessness, pregnancy and mothering. Following its debut in Glastonbury in July 2012, Annabel holds healing workshops for women.

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“I saw you give a talk last week and was so inspired by you that I am now over half-way through your book The Serpent’s Tale. It’s a truly great read and so inspiring, I am really looking forward to your workshop.” Wendy Bridle


Annabel has been interviewed on the BBC’s Heaven & Earth Show and radio, and is available for comment on the following subjects: religion, spirituality, mythology, women’s issues, women’s human rights, mental health, disability and emotional wellbeing. To contact Annabel, please email her.

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